Online Class | August 27th 2022

Make The Internet Work For Your Business

Learn to implement strategies and tactics to take your business to the next level.

Is the internet working for you or overwhelming you?  

Join my four-step class on Digital Marketing and Business to feel relieved and redirected toward business success.

If you have a great business or business idea and feel like the internet is sucking up your time and money instead of making your life easier and more pleasurable, this is the class for you.


Your Computer or Mobile Device


August 27, 2022

Meet Aether Candace

I've watched the Internet disturb and frustrate the most centered, balanced and powerful people. This does not have to be the case for you and your business. The internet is a tool to help you educate and empower the people you wish to lead, support or serve.


 The class times are listed in Eastern Standard Time. Make sure you get hydrated, have breakfast or snacks, stretch and get centered before the class.

9 AM

Where Your Business Should Be Registered Online and Why

Learn how to save money by putting your business in the right places and how to take the best actions for your success.

10 AM

The Importance of Content

Gain a deeper understanding of the content you create and where to distribute it to make the best impact on search engine robots, your current clients and prospects.

11 AM

Should I Advertise?

Everyday online advertising platforms make it easier to spend money with them. Should you? Learn what to look out for and how to make your money go further.

12 PM

What Success Looks Like

Learn how to measure success, when your data is not going in your favor and how to get back on track.

Bring your supplies and join in - you will need:

✏️ A pen or pencil, and scrap paper for doodles and rough notes

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Make The Internet Work For You

Empower yourself with Digital Marketing knowledge to take your business to the next level. Learn strategies and tactics that make it easy for you to apply the information to what you hold most dear.

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"Learn use the Internet to weave a web of gold and capture the clients of your desires." 

- Aether Candace